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The Way To Keep Your Hair Flawless

No matter your hair is wavy, straight or curly - the hair has the regimen matters. Once your hair hooked you up with a gorgeous sew-in - it comes to hair care. A regular nighttime routine will ensure that your hair look shiny and fresh and that you will be appreciated by your friends. A wise woman once said:Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.
#1 Wavy If your Brazilian hair is wavy hair in natural texture, keeping the waves are pretty easyand braid them. And if your hair is a deep wave we recommend four braids. Untied your hair and sort out then you can go to work.
#2 Straight It’s a little hard to keep straight hair straight after night. You should sprinkle away your hair over the pillow, so regardless of how you sleep, the hair will keep straight in the next morning.

#3 Curly  Curly hair is the hardest to care, it is too easy to get messy. First, spray your curls with water-based moisturizer or other professional products. And wipe it through your hair. Next, you can take something li…

What’s The Hair Look Like in Autumn?

Now it’s the tail of Summer, Stylist are looking forward to a hair suit this season. We do a little research about which hair style people prefer to have.
#1Curly Bangs If you've already got curly bangs, rake them back, spritz your roots and hairline with dry shampoo and boom—you've done it. But if your hair is stick-straight and you don't have bangs, you'll need to curl one-inch sections of hair all over your head with a thin curling wand, you can use the Herstyler Baby Curls Mini Curling Iron, rake through the ringlets with your fingers, blast your roots with dry shampoo, then scoop and clip the sides of your hair back for a half-up curly style, similar to those at Jonathan Simkhai. 
#2Deep Wave In New York, many women like to have deep wave. It is still famous for its type fit every face shape, it doesn’t pick people’s face. It’s easy to hold up.
#3Loose Wave In case you've missed it, the '90s are hardcore back, starting with the deep wave. Pair it with a perfect…

The Top Quality Virgin Hair Recommendation

This is an article write to tell you about the top virgin hair. I hope I can give you some useful information.
First, I think everyone is familiar with Indian Hair which is collected from Indian women. So the hair from Fantasy Hair Co. is healthy, strong and natural black. Its beautiful texture and naturally dark color works well for hair weaving applications. Indian Hair can be styled to achieve any look you want while the hair maintains its natural beauty and lasts for a very long time. You deserve long lasting beautiful hair, that's why we take our time in selecting the finest 100% virgin Indian hair! We want to apply you comfortable hair to wear.

FH Virgin Brazilian Hair has gained the most popularity in the last few years due to its luxurious texture and versatility. It divide into 10A, 8A, 2Grades. Each grade stands for its quality. The higher grade, the better. This hair is unlike Indian Hair strong, it is more softer. And it doesn’t only have natural black, it also have blon…

Why should you choose FH Hair?

Women always want to make up themselves beautiful to look. So one of the beautiful way is buying virgin hair.There are many kinds of hair styles for customers to choose.
Indian hair comes from the Hindu temples in India where women give their tresses to temples to show respect and gratitude to their deities. Indian hair is healthy,strong, thick,naturally of black color. This hair is out of processing and is collected from single donor with healthy hair, 100% human tresses.Therefore it become western women’ s first choice. Virgin Brazilian hair are the most lustrous and gorgeous hair. You are paying for the long lasting hair, so if you are not short of money, choose Fantasy10A Brazilian hair.This hair is used diversely because of its softness, durability and thickness. Also because of its density, it is less likely to frizz. Brazilian hair will also hold curls for very long time. This hair is extremely versatile. Fantasyhairbuy.com only sell 100% real Brazilian hair. It can last for two …

Why Would I Recommend You To Choose 100% Human Hair?

For 100% pure virgin hair, it is not cheap at all. Because of limited budget, many women have to choose mixing hair weave or synthetic one. It is hard to get natural hair lock for you by using those hairs. So, why would I recommend you to choose 100% human hair. FH Hair spares their best effort to provide clients with high quality human hair. You won’t be charged thousands of money with any single hair weaves. Contrarily, you would get a wholesale price even you just ordered 1 piece of hair. For many customers, they get their dreamy styles costing $200-300. In this price, you would get the highest quality products. 6A virgin hair weave is also in good quality and you can get a full hair look costing not more than $200.
Having mixed hair or synthetic hair in your head, it is easy for others to ask you whether you are wearing artificial hair. That’s awkward and embarrassing. Peruvian hair bundlesMalaysian weave and Indian hair are made with 100% pure human hair, the way they shine ju…

5 Stories Of Weave Wearers

For those girls who want to gorgeous their hair texture, weave is a secret weapon because we can use it to experiment different hairstyles quickly and healthy. Here are some stories shared by weave wearers online, let’s check out and see how they change their look. # 1 Keare Janery Brazilian hair bundles 24” 26” 28 + middle part 24” frontal. This is her first time to try out Fantasy Brazilian hair. She is a model and searches high quality hair extension for her styles for a long time. Now, she gets her style! # 2 Bella Burton She is a college student and begins to wear weave in her sophomore year. Getting many praise for her classmates, she feels good and keeps to wear her lovely weave in any important parties or events. # 3 Mabel Hooper Office lady, loves to wear curly hair. Mabel said curly hair will make her look mature because her job doesn’t allow girlish style. Indian deep curly hair bundles are her primary option for this style. # 4 Brandie Jones Brandie is a saleswoman, so she ha…

Have You Even Experiment Blonde Hair Lock?

Blonde hair is common in many western women. Do you ever image that what will you look like in blonde hair lock? It is absolutely possible for afro women to wear blonde hair. Here are 10 girls who are rocking their blonde hair lock. Let’s check it out! # 1

# 2

# 3

# 4

# 5

# 6

# 7

FH Hair | Even 100% Virgin Hair Is Different And Categorized By Brand

Hair weaves are prevailing in resent years and there are many of hair companies that we can choose from. All of them announced that their hair is made with virgin hair, unprocessed and no chemical treatment. We would found that the cost of single piece of weave is different according different companies. You may cost more purchasing in this company but it is possible to save money if shopping in that company. They all named their hair 100% virgin hair, why would the prices are so variety? Even 100% virgin human hair is different in different companies. Some companies sold their hair over $30 a bundle while you could get $15 even less in other vendors. Expecting the inches of hair bundles, main factor effecting price is raw material of the hair. Healthy hair of young women is the most expensive hair, and those hair that gathering from different women including the young and the old will usually sell in a low price. Though all of them are totally human hair, the material gathering is diff…

FH Hair | How to Get Sleep Faster?

I saw a friend release a post at 5:25 am, “ I would rather to have breakfast if I still fail to get sleep half hour later.” I couldn’t believe that he have been spent a majority of his nights tossing and turning, struggling to catch some sleep. This is horrible! In today post, I would like to tell you 5 ways that help you get sleep faster.
# 1 Get up at the same time every morning, no matter how late or how early you went to bed last night. It helps you to set a body internal clock. # 2 Turn off all of lights in your room. In a dusky room, people will get sleep easily. # 3 Don’t go to your bed if you are not sleepy. It is not a good idea to lay in bed thinking about something or watching your phone. # 4 Avoid napping during the day if you have serious trouble of getting sleep at night. # 5 Put on some nice soothing music and relax yourself in the bed.
Get my ways! Hoping you will get sweet sleep every night!

FH Hair | 10 Funny Comics With Unexpected Endings

Stay at home spending your boring weekends? Come on, here are 10 funny comics that you will never guess the endings. Let’s have fun!

#1 How Are You?

# 2 Make Friends Like This.

# 3 Dont Hurt Me.

# 4 Falling In Love

# 5 Beautiful Poem

# 6 Having Fun

# 7 Marry The Cookie

# 8 Just Let It Go.

# 9 Let Her Go!

# 10 You Are My Good Friend.

FH Hair | Unprocessed Virgin Peruvian Hair Bundles For Keeping Hairstyles Changing

Do you want to get your hair long and smooth? The answer is definitely YES! As we known, it is hard for black women to grow a head of straight and polished hair, but it is possible for them to have their dreamy hair looks. 100% virgin Peruvian hair is the best choice for black women to experiment different hairstyles?
Why choose Peruvian hair bundles?
Compared with synthetic hair, human hair looks more naturally and versatile. Synthetic hair is far cheaper than virgin Peruvian hair bundles, but you can not perm, iron or color it to other styles. What’s worse, synthetic hair looks too shiny to be real, so it is easy for others to know that you are wearing a hairpiece.
Virgin Peruvian hair bundles are made with 100% human hair, so it will shine as real hair is. Straight Peruvian hair weave is the most changeable hair types and you can vary it to other textures or colors you want. Let’s see what styles we can get with Peruvian hair bundles.

# 1 Unprocessed Straight Hair Natural Black

# 2 Yo…

FH Hair | Why I Choose To Wear Hair Weave?

In past time, virgin hair only sold and provide to celebrities. Because of material rare, it is hard for us to get a virgin hair weave. But in this few years, many Brazilians, Peruvians or other people are willing to sell their hair for some extra money. For now, the price of human hair weaves are not so expensive than before, and hair weave has become increasingly popular for many African American women. There are many types of hair weave available in current market, such as Peruvian hair bundles, India hair and Malaysian weave. I just choose virgin hair for my styles. Virgin hair means the hair that has never been treatment, pure and natural, so I won’t entangle for hair types, just choose virgin hair. Then, why I prefer hair weave instead of my natural hair, here are 2 simple reasons.
# 1 Save Time I am an office lady, worked sun up to sun down as busy as bees. I would like to catch some sleeping time rather in the morning rather than styling, but well makeup and nice hairstyle are n…

How Many Hair Bundles Are Enough For a Full Sew In?

For a prettier look, many women choose to wear hair weave and sew-ins are the better way to apply extensions to the head. How many bundles are needed for a full, thick lock? The answer is various since the size is different of every woman. Usually, hair is sold by weight and length. Purchasing too much leads to waste and to less is not enough. Let’s take this 4 girl as an example and then determine how much bundles should we order.
# 1 Medium Length Straight Hair 2 bundles 14 inch and 1.5 bundles 12 inch for this look are enough, so you should order 4 bundles. This purple hair shade is so cute and works well with her skin tone. With 10A virgin Brazilian hair, you have the ability to color the hair as your desire.

# 2 High Ponytail A 360 lace frontal 22 inch and 2 bundles 24 inch, 1 bundle 20 inch. It is not easy to wear ponytail for weave, but with the help of 360 frontal you can wear it naturally.

# 3 Thickness Bodywave Hair A side part 13*4 lace frontal 22 inch and 2 bundles 22 inch, 1 bu…