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The Most Popular Red Shadow Hair For 2016

Not every girl has the courage to wear red hair. As the most risky color, red hair always helps you to catch the center attention of others. All of the hues of red hair are fashionable and interesting. If you have the courage and wear it with confident, you will surely impress other with your unique and attractive. # 1 Dark Red Violet Shade Hair Dark red violet is also called Burgundy. If you are a girl who is dark or lived-tone and look striking with brown or icy blue eyes, this hair color will perfect fit for you.

# 2 Ruby Red Hair Color As a dramatic shade, this hair color is tailored with a pale, porcelain complexion and with light blue or light green eyes. The name of “Ruby Red” was inspired by the gemstone. This color is a deep, rich, clear red, I am sure you will love it.
# 3 Wine Red Color For Black Women Wine red color works perfect in black skin tone. In these day, more and more black girls are willing to wear hair weaves to make them look more beautiful. In virgin Brazilian hair …

How To Choose Hair Weaves and Color

There are tons of hair companies and stores online, just click your mouse to search “ hair weaves”, you can see thousand of results in Google. And most of them are advertisements. Faced with such multiple searching results, you might feel puzzled and hard to make a decision from these various results. Now, let me tell you somethings about hair weaves.
Virgin Brazilian hair, Indian hair, Peruvian hair bundles, and Malaysian weave are the common hair types on the market. And I am sure almost every vendor offers these types of hair, but it is hard to ascertain whether the seller tells the truth on the description of their products. In my view, every types of hair has their own advantages and disadvantages, what you need is suitable hair weaves one not expensive bundles. Below video will tell you how to choose good quality hair weaves and color, just click and get the tips.

The most Creative Halloween pumpkin-craving

Halloween is near soon, have you prepared the craving pumpkin? Here are some creative easy-to-crave pumpkin ideas, including owls, monsters and machines.
# 1 As you can see in below, this idea is to insert white pumpkins into orange pumpkins. First of all, you should prepare four pumpkins, two are bigger and in orange, another two are smaller and in white. Hollow out orange pumpkins and then carve lashes. To the white pumpkins, paint with green paint, when dry, paint the eyeball in black paint. The last is to draw blood vessels around iris with red marker.

# 2 If you want to create this pumpkin, you should prepare three or four butternut squash. Hollow out inside of mouth only and carve upside-down heart for nose. Find some sweet potatoes for the eyes’ decoration. You can use two black beans instead the eyeballs.

# 3 This is the simplest craving pumpkin. Crave mouth shape first, then stick toothpicks into top and bottom to create teeth. Use graver to shape for eyebrows. For eyes, slice o…

Carmen Dell’Orefic

Many people thought model career is very short, only a temp period of one decade. Have to admit that it is true. Modeling industry is ageist. As time gone by, your face is not shiny as before and your figure is out of shape. Without this important features, you have to give up your model career.
However, everything has an exception, Carmen is the most unique example. Carmen Dell’Orefice, a 83-year-old New York-born beauty who  first covered Vogue when she was 15 and now she is still enjoying her illustrious career. To put it bluntly, there are not so many others who can live to 80 years old, not to mention to work like young people. But to Carmen, it is not the truth. Even though the years show on her face, she is still charming and attractive. When she attended the show with other young models, no one could fade her flame. With ample stage experiences gathered in her years, she behaved like a proud queen on the stage, followed by her people.

Did you have any plan in mind that how to spe…

The Most Dreamy Purple Hairstyles

Do you want to impress others that you are a creative and enthusiastic person who is not averse to colors typically seen in billowing puffs of cotton candy? If you say yes, dye your hair with a soft lavender. I confirm that you will surely be noticed like the queen. Autumn is coming and winter is not far away, how about change the hair color to light your mood in this cold winter? Don’t be hesitated, read through this post to get inspirations. # 1 Wavy Hair With Bright Purple Having this bright purple hair can be a bold choice. Here, side part loose weave style. Halloween is nearly, this look will perfect with your witch costumes. Choosing a suitable wig if you just want to wear your hair purple just once in Halloween day. # 2 Dark Purple At Coachella bash, Jourdan Dunn showed off her svelte frame in a daring playsuit. In the meanwhile, you might surely be attracted by her bold purple hair. The wheat color of skin is a symbol of health and matching this skin with dark purple hair is wo…

Gisele Bündchen

A worldwide supermodel, Gisele Bündchen, made the final runway appearance of her career at the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. In fact, Gisele was announced to leave the stage in April this year, but for Olympic Games’ ceremony, she accept the invitation of creator. As it was the last appearance on her catwalk show history, she hoped it might a good and long one. ‘This is for sure the longest runway I have ever walked in my life and by far with the most amount of people watching, so it is a little nerve-racking I must say,’ she told People. ‘This is a very special moment for my country and I am humbled that they invited me to be a part of such a special celebration.’ Indeed, it is really long, many people said that. There is no doubt that Brazil is a country which is rich in beauties. So a folk proverb said that you should go to Brazil at least one time before 40 years old if you are a single man. Why Gisele can be chosen as a representative of this ceremony? Have …

Mother and Daughter Outfits

At first, I will introduce you a pair of mother and daughter, Sue Evans,46, and Imani,23. Sue got divorced and had lost her confidence. Her daughter, Imani, was very sad to see her like that. In order to glad her mother, Imani chosen clothes for her. Gradually, they dressed exactly the same every day. Imani stepped in and helped Sue on track. Suddenly Sue became a stylish woman who felt half her age and happier than ever. Eventually, Sue dated more blokes even than Imani. Imani said they are going to have a double wedding together.
The above picture shows that they are not only dressing the same but also use alike lipstick. Did you notice their hair style? I promise they also use similar hair bundles. Their hair is very smooth and shiny, I guess they were using Virgin Brazilian hair , Indian hair or Malaysian weave. Because both bundles are extremely luxurious and very soft with a lot of body and natural shine.
If your daughter still in a young age, your also can dress mother and daught…

Get you hair highlight

When it comes to highlights one should be more careful in color choice as highlights are more eye-catching than the base color itself. For long hair it is usually recommended to go for caramel highlights because they make hair look fuller and bring more luxurious effect. They are fantastic especially on curly hairstyles and bring a touch of more femininity. If you have long hair and want to bring life into it the best way is hair coloring. There are several good highlight color Virgin Brazilian Hairremy weave options for you . They both look very glamorous and luxurious on long locks no matter straight or curly.

Black fashion

There was a long time westerners standing in mainstream fashion of street snapshots. Now this trend maybe change. In resent years, more and more black girls posted their fashion street snapshots on social medium which catches thousands eyes of netizen all over the world. Compared with those white westerners, black girls have their own unique charming. Recognizing yourself best and choosing suitable clothes, and you can also be cool as well as fashion.
Snow Black or Black Swans
Snow White might be the most moving fairy tale in the world, but Natasha Ndlovu has different fashion style. She knew there was no way to change her black skin, so accepted it, and dressing the clothes which is suitable for her shape most. In this look, she likes a snow black or a dancing black swans.
Summer and Cool
Tall and slim. If I said she was a stay-at-home mom, you will certainly not believe it. But it is true. Jessica is a fashion blogger who loves to post  pictures on her account. Now, you how important it i…

The Most Sexy Hair Look---Wavy Hair

As you know, wavy hair is the most sexy style among various hairstyles. In wavy hair look, you can show off your unique femininity and personality. The shape of the face, body type and build, and the balance of the facial features and hair texture should be took into account when you chosen the right long hairstyles. In today post, I would like to show you some sexy wavy hair look, you can check it out and choose the right haircut to match your face. # 1 Kylie Kristen Jenner Side part natural black wavy hair. Kylie is an American reality television personality, socialite and model who is wild about hair wigs. It is said that she has hundreds of wigs in her dressing room. If you also want to wear this hair look, you can choose some Malaysian weave to make your own wig.

# 2 Taylor Swift As an American singer-songwriter, Taylor have enviable natural blonde wavy hair.

# 3 Amy Adams Amy is an American actress and singer and she have long brown hair. Look at this picture, her hair is lustrous an…

Autumn Hairstyles For Women 2016

Summer is nearly to the end and autumn is coming. Summer is a good time to wear your hair short while autumn is an excellent moment to keep the hair on shoulder. Something fun or a timeless classic medium hairstyles is very prevailing in autumn. Here are several tips that will help you locate the ideal autumn hair look. # 1 Messy Mid-Length Hair Blonde highlights in medium brown tones are always a nice touch for any skin. You can add texture, volume, and depth to your hair without sacrificing the length. It is really a great choice for medium hair.

# 2 Eye-Catching Purple Ombre Hair Unlike the summer, autumn seems to be more dull. Leaves is getting yellow and begin to fall off. So your purple hair will add more active and spirited to the boring autumn. But what if the hair is not long enough to style this look? I suggest you to install some hair bundles. VirginBrazilian hair bundlesandPeruvian hair bundles are guaranteed 100%, therefore, you can change any color you desire.

# 3 Middle Part…