Black fashion

There was a long time westerners standing in mainstream fashion of street snapshots. Now this trend maybe change. In resent years, more and more black girls posted their fashion street snapshots on social medium which catches thousands eyes of netizen all over the world.
Compared with those white westerners, black girls have their own unique charming. Recognizing yourself best and choosing suitable clothes, and you can also be cool as well as fashion.

  • Snow Black or Black Swans

Snow White might be the most moving fairy tale in the world, but Natasha Ndlovu has different fashion style. She knew there was no way to change her black skin, so accepted it, and dressing the clothes which is suitable for her shape most.
In this look, she likes a snow black or a dancing black swans.

  •  Summer and Cool

Tall and slim. If I said she was a stay-at-home mom, you will certainly not believe it. But it is true. Jessica is a fashion blogger who loves to post  pictures on her account. Now, you how important it is to keep you body in shape.

  •  Fuller Figure and Fashion

If you are a mid-aged woman, dont give up fashion. It is really a pity for you without a good finger. But dont worry, there is no limit in fashion field as long as choosing suitable dresses.
Patrice Grell Yursik is an example. She was still pleasure with her body and tries her best to style herself.

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