The Most Popular Red Shadow Hair For 2016

Not every girl has the courage to wear red hair. As the most risky color, red hair always helps you to catch the center attention of others. All of the hues of red hair are fashionable and interesting. If you have the courage and wear it with confident, you will surely impress other with your unique and attractive.
# 1 Dark Red Violet Shade Hair
Dark red violet is also called Burgundy. If you are a girl who is dark or lived-tone and look striking with brown or icy blue eyes, this hair color will perfect fit for you.

# 2 Ruby Red Hair Color
As a dramatic shade, this hair color is tailored with a pale, porcelain complexion and with light blue or light green eyes. The name of Ruby Red was inspired by the gemstone. This color is a deep, rich, clear red, I am sure you will love it.

# 3 Wine Red Color For Black Women
Wine red color works perfect in black skin tone. In these day, more and more black girls are willing to wear hair weaves to make them look more beautiful. In virgin Brazilian hair or Peruvian hair bundles, you can dye it into red wine color without bleaching.

# 4 Cherry Red Color Hair
Cherry red shades will also work well with dark skin complexion. The top is black, and it turns to red gradually. If you can use Indian hair to color this cherry red, you are going to have an outstanding look.

# 5 Magenta Hair Color
Magenta hair color is most flattering for people with medium-to-dark complexions and dark eyes. This hair color is a deep purplish red shade that definitely makes a statement!

If you want to change your appearance, choose this risky hair color.



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