Carmen Dell’Orefic

Many people thought model career is very short, only a temp period of one decade. Have to admit that it is true. Modeling industry is ageist. As time gone by, your face is not shiny as before and your figure is out of shape. Without this important features, you have to give up your model career.

However, everything has an exception, Carmen is the most unique example. Carmen Dell’Orefice, a 83-year-old New York-born beauty who  first covered Vogue when she was 15 and now she is still enjoying her illustrious career.
To put it bluntly, there are not so many others who can live to 80 years old, not to mention to work like young people.
But to Carmen, it is not the truth. Even though the years show on her face, she is still charming and attractive. When she attended the show with other young models, no one could fade her flame. With ample stage experiences gathered in her years, she behaved like a proud queen on the stage, followed by her people.

Did you have any plan in mind that how to spend your old age? Stay on the wheelchair watching some out-dated TV operas or keep moving to pleasure yourself? I thought you would firmly choose the later, like Carmen.

Excepting her good shape and charming looks, the most impressed people is her thick silver hair. There was no doubt that she was a woman who was blessed with gorgeous and shiny hair. Can you imagine how beautiful in her young age?

The first impressed others is the face and your hairstyle. A fantasy hair can add you a lot charm. If you dont own a thick hair like Carmen, choosing some suitable hair bundles is really a good idea. Peruvian hair bundles hold weave last, and Virgin Brazilian hair , Indian hair are soft and smooth.



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