How Many Hair Bundles Are Enough For a Full Sew In?

For a prettier look, many women choose to wear hair weave and sew-ins are the better way to apply extensions to the head. How many bundles are needed for a full, thick lock? The answer is various since the size is different of every woman. Usually, hair is sold by weight and length. Purchasing too much leads to waste and to less is not enough. Lets take this 4 girl as an example and then determine how much bundles should we order.

# 1 Medium Length Straight Hair
2 bundles 14 inch and 1.5 bundles 12 inch for this look are enough, so you should order 4 bundles. This purple hair shade is so cute and works well with her skin tone. With 10A virgin Brazilian hair, you have the ability to color the hair as your desire.

# 2 High Ponytail
A 360 lace frontal 22 inch and 2 bundles 24 inch, 1 bundle 20 inch. It is not easy to wear ponytail for weave, but with the help of 360 frontal you can wear it naturally.

# 3 Thickness Bodywave Hair
A side part 13*4 lace frontal 22 inch and 2 bundles 22 inch, 1 bundle 24 inch. But if your head is as big as this girl, you need one more bundle 22 inch.

# 4 Polished Long Straight Hair
A 4*4 middle part closure and 2 bundles 22 inch, 1 bundle 24 inch. If you love straight hair, Peruvian hair bundles and Indian hair are tailored for you.

In generally speaking, 3 bundles are enough, but for thicker or you head is big, then you should order 4 bundles.


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