FH Hair | How to Get Sleep Faster?

I saw a friend release a post at 5:25 am,  I would rather to have breakfast if I still fail to get sleep half hour later. 
I couldnt believe that he have been spent a majority of his nights tossing and turning, struggling to catch some sleep. This is horrible! In today post, I would like to tell you 5 ways that help you get sleep faster.

# 1 Get up at the same time every morning, no matter how late or how early you went to bed last night. It helps you to set a body internal clock.
# 2 Turn off all of lights in your room. In a dusky room, people will get sleep easily.
# 3 Dont go to your bed if you are not sleepy. It is not a good idea to lay in bed thinking about something or watching your phone.
# 4 Avoid napping during the day if you have serious trouble of getting sleep at night.
# 5 Put on some nice soothing music and relax yourself in the bed.

Get my ways! Hoping you will get sweet sleep every night!



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