FH Hair | Unprocessed Virgin Peruvian Hair Bundles For Keeping Hairstyles Changing

Do you want to get your hair long and smooth? The answer is definitely YES! As we known, it is hard for black women to grow a head of straight and polished hair, but it is possible for them to have their dreamy hair looks. 100% virgin Peruvian hair is the best choice for black women to experiment different hairstyles?
Why choose Peruvian hair bundles?
Compared with synthetic hair, human hair looks more naturally and versatile. Synthetic hair is far cheaper than virgin Peruvian hair bundles, but you can not perm, iron or color it to other styles. What’s worse, synthetic hair looks too shiny to be real, so it is easy for others to know that you are wearing a hairpiece.
Virgin Peruvian hair bundles are made with 100% human hair, so it will shine as real hair is. Straight Peruvian hair weave is the most changeable hair types and you can vary it to other textures or colors you want. Let’s see what styles we can get with Peruvian hair bundles.

# 1 Unprocessed Straight Hair Natural Black

# 2 You Can Perm It At Home By Using Your Hair Iron. When You Wash It, It Gets Back To Straight Quickly.

# 3 Perm It To Deep Wave Hair Lock

# 4 Color It To Any Colors You Want

Virgin Peruvian hair bundles are human hair and all the cuticles are running in the same direction. That’s why we don’t worry about hair shed and tangle. Of course, other kinds of virgin hair, such as Indian hair, Brazilian hair bundles and Malaysian weave are also a good hair types for us to keep our hairstyles changing.



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