Fist Aid Knowledge

#Ankle sprain first aid method

Mid ankle sprain, should first cold the affected area, 24 hours after the use of heat, with a bandage wrapped around the ankle, the foot pad high, you can reduce the symptoms.

#Electric shock emergency law

① quickly cut off the power.

② temporarily can not find the gate, you can use the insulator to pick up the wire or cut off the wire.

③ immediately lift the electric shock to the ventilated place, unlock the buckle, belts, if breathing stop, you must do mouth or mouth artificial breathing or sent to the hospital near the first aid.

④ can be used saline or Vaseline gauze bandaged local burns.
#The first method of arterial bleeding

 ① small arterial bleeding, wound is not large, available sterile cotton deposited in the wound, pressure bandage, the general can only dizzy

 ② bleeding more than when the injured limbs can be raised, slow down the speed of blood to help stop dizzy

 ③ limb bleeding serious, the tourniquet can be tied to the top of the wound, before the bar should be padded with towels or cloth, and then every half hour must be relaxed 1 time, banding time for a total of not more than two hours, so as to avoid limb ischemia and necrosis. For preliminary treatment, should be immediately sent to hospital for treatment.

#The child ventilation emergency law

found pediatric ventilation, should not panic, pan shake children, so that aggravate the condition, do not irrigation to feed soup, so as not to inhale the trachea. Should open the window, unlock the children's shirt so that breathing smooth. The chopsticks wrapped with a cloth into the children between the upper and lower teeth to avoid bite the tongue. High fever caused by the ventilation, towels can be dipped in cold water deposited in the forehead. Detailed records of the time of ventilation, symptoms, immediately sent to hospital for treatment.



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