FH Hair | Protect Your Hair Weave From Sun

Floral dressed, sweet ice cream, swimming, what can be better than summer days? That sounds exciting I would say. However, strongly sunlight tends to cause damage of your loving hair weave. Your weave might get color changed or protein loss. That means your weave wont last long as you expected if you expose it on the sun usually. Ultraviolet radiation on sunlight damages your weave, here, we would like to share some amazing hair tips that help you protect your weave from sun or save it if it has got damage.
# 1 Wear Scarf
Try to minimize the exposure of your weave. When you have to go out, cover your weave with a silky scarf or a hat.

# 2 Avoid Chlorine
It is the most wonderful thing to jump into the pool in summer dog day. If you dont wear a swimming cap, your hair will absorb many liquid in the form of chlorinated pool water.

# 3 Avoid Uva
The light of UVA on sunlight is responsible for damage such as color change. If you found you brown or blonde hair weave getting fade out gradually this summer, it may  possibly thank to UVA. To prevent hair fading, you should add a hair mask with a sunscreen to your weave as a care routine.

# Deep Condition Your Weave
After a long time exposure in the sun, you should deep condition your weave when you home. Wash the hair with gentle shampoo, then apply conditioner on it. If necessarily, do a hot oil treatment of your weave.

We rock our summer hairstyles, and while we should mindful of sunlight. Get high quality hair weave is also the point to rock your summer styles. FH Peruvian hair bundles, Indian hair and Malaysian weave are made with 100% human hair, so they wont get damage so easily. Enjoy you summer time!



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