FH Hair | Why are Virgin Human Hair so Expensive?

There is no doubt that every woman vainly hope to have long and stick hair, but not all of them are so lucky enough to be blessed with gorgeous hair. Therefore, more and more girls are willing to choose hair bundles or hair extensions to make them look perfect.

In resent years, there are many types of hair in current market, such as virgin Brazilian hair, Indian hair, Peruvian hair or Malaysian weave. When it comes to price, it is various. What I want to tell you is that your cost is your get. 100% virgin human hair is obtained form single donor, so it is the real hair cutting from a womans head. In the impression of many people, they thought virgin hair is very dark and full. If you do think so, you are wrong. The top of real virgin human hair is full and dark, but to the ends, it is naturally thinner, and in sometimes it is a little dry. Thats because the hair was lined up to extensions as soon as obtained, and the whole process is none of chemical treatment. The real hair material is not so easy to get, thus you might no wonder that why real virgin hair is so expensive.

As I mentioned above, what you cost is what you get. When you received the real virgin human hair, you can dye or curl according to your desired. In proper care, this hair will life at least two years. But for other types of hair, not 100% virgin human hair, you cant dye or curl. This kinds of hair are obtained from different woman, young girls or old ladies are possible. In generally speaking, the directions of the tops and the ends may not be the same, but it is full even in the ends. Before lining up to a extensions, this hair will be dyed to other colors, such as jet black or brown. When choosing this hair, you must take the colors as a consideration since you cant change it any more. The price of this hair is not as expensive as 100% real virgin human hair, but its life is 1 year in majority.

Though virgin hair is expensive, it deserve this price. Dont be hesitated, click your mouse to searching some virgin human hair for more pretty look!



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