FH Hair | What Does It Feel To Be a Very Tall Woman

When I was in kindergarten, I was a head taller than every one in my class. My teachers couldnt believe that I was the same young with my classmates. In collage, I was still the tallest person in my class. Yes, there  were even no males taller than me yet... CRY...
What does it feel to be a very tall women? I hope I wont grow height any more...LOL...

Are You a Model?
Many people have asked me this question when we first met, but I am not.

Why Dont You Join In Basketball Club? 
Ridiculous! Why I have to join basketball club? I am tall but that doesnt I like to play basketball. I am a girl I wish to be pretty and ladies.

Scare Insecure Men Away
I usually can figure out and scare the man who is not secure quickly.

Are you a tall women? Share me your feels and your experiments with me!




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