FH Hair | How To Be a Charming Lady?

You might think that being a charming lady means having a pretty and attractive looking. Yes, it is true. If you have pretty facial features, thats so lucky, but not every one has good looking genes. In fact, being attractive is a skill or an art, it can be learned and improved. Here, I would like to share you some useful tips of how to be a charming lady. Check out my post and get my ideas!

1 Dont Check You Phone So Often
Dont check your phone so often when you are talking with people. This behavior is not only impolite but also gives your date a signal that you dont like him. So leave your phone in your back when having lunch or dinner with your friends or date.

2 Be Present
On a conversation, you should keep eyes contact with your date, it was a way let him knows you were being present and engaging. Once he received your respect and focus, he would talk you more and thought that you are a nice woman.

3 Smile
Smile is the most beautiful words in the world. When a woman smiles for her heart, she is very cute.

4 Use The Power Of Tough
It is said that touch can influence behavior. Moderate body touching seem more attractive and friendly.

5 Show Your Sense Of Humor
Everyone loves the sense of humor. You can ease your way into humor. Actually, the most useful way to improve your sense of humor is to laugh.

Hey, ladies! Are you get my ideas? If you have any other useful skills of how to be charming, I am glad to receive your share messages!



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