FH Hair | Advice To Those Women Who Love To Wear Hair Weave

Here is www.fantasyhairbuy.com, we offer 100% human hair to Africa America women and tries our best to supply the hair weaves or wigs to every woman who wants to be pretty. We know it is important for a women to achieve her ideal look. In today post, FH Hair would like to share you some tips that help you find a way to have your dreamy hairstyle ans still maintain a healthy scalp.

# 1 Wear a Weave Only When The Scalp Is Healthy
FH Hair would advise you to wear a weave when your scalp is in a healthy condition. Many of women tend to use hair weave to cover the area of hair loss, but they dont know whether their scalp is healthy. If you scalp is itching and tends to get dandruff, it is not a good sign of your scalp and FH Hair advises you to ask help to doctor and resolve this problem before putting on hair weave.

# 2 Sew-In The Weave Instead Of Gluing It
Some women like to sew the weave it their braids while others prefer glue it on the scalp. FH Hair recommends the former. Attaching the weave on the scalp may cause cause an allergy possibly and it is not good for the breath of scalp. Sew-ins is a safer way since there is not chemical glues attached to the scalp at all.

# 3 Choose High Human Hair Weave
Synthetic or human hair? When we are in a limited budget, it is possible for us to choose synthetic hair weave. FH Hair knows it is not cheap for a high quality human weave, but what you cost is what you get. Human hair weave, such as Brazilian hair bundles, Malaysian weave, Indian hair look more reality and longer lasting than any synthetic one. Of course, human hair is healthier than synthetic too.

Here are 3 simple advice. Even you are a huge fan of hair weave, dont ignore the health of your scalp. Take care of your scalp and use high quality hair weave.



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