FH Hair | How To Get Polished Straight Hair Lock?

Many girls dream of gorgeous and pretty straight hair lock like this. To be honest, it is also my dream! But how to get our curly hair straight?
There are two popular way to have our curls straighten, using hair straightener or wearing hair extensions.
✔Hair Straightener
I guess most of our women are having a hair straightener on dressing table. High temperature make our hair get smooth and straight in a few minutes. What’s more, a hair straightener won’t cost us more, so we can get a straight hair lock in a very low budget. That sounds amazing!

✔ Sew In Hair Weave
Get some high quality hair bundles and sew them in your real hair. This is the most common way to have natural and beautiful straight hair lock. In general, good quality hair extension can last at least 6 months. FH Peruvian hair bundles can last up to 24 months, 8A virgin Brazilian hair can last 12-18 months and Indian hair hair can last about 6-12 months if in good care. How long can your straight style last by applying hair straightener? 3 days or 2 days, maybe it just can last a few hours. What’s worse, your real hair will easily get loss and damage under high temperature. In the long run, using hair straightener is not an wise idea to get a straight hair lock obviously.

Why not get a pretty straight hair lock with sew in hair weave? Let’s show you how you spend with if you choose to wear hair weave.
Budget: $200
Last: 12 months
That means you will cost about $2 every day and you can have a admirable straight hair lock! What would you choose, ladies?



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