FH Hair | Why I Choose To Wear Hair Weave?

In past time, virgin hair only sold and provide to celebrities. Because of material rare, it is hard for us to get a virgin hair weave. But in this few years, many Brazilians, Peruvians or other people are willing to sell their hair for some extra money. For now, the price of human hair weaves are not so expensive than before, and hair weave has become increasingly popular for many African American women. There are many types of hair weave available in current market, such as Peruvian hair bundles, India hair and Malaysian weave.
I just choose virgin hair for my styles. Virgin hair means the hair that has never been treatment, pure and natural, so I wont entangle for hair types, just choose virgin hair. Then, why I prefer hair weave instead of my natural hair, here are 2 simple reasons.

# 1 Save Time
I am an office lady, worked sun up to sun down as busy as bees. I would like to catch some sleeping time rather in the morning rather than styling, but well makeup and nice hairstyle are needed for my job tile. And hair weave is a good solution for me to experiment different hair locks in a few minutes.

# 2 Healthy Way To Be Prettier
Every woman wants to be attractive and charming and they will spare their effort to achieve the goal of pretty appearance. Having a head of long and beautiful hair is also way to upgrade our appearance. Wearing virgin hair weave, I wont get any damage of my natural hair as well as my cuticles.

These are my experiences of wearing hair weave. Welcome to share me you ideas of wearing weaves or wigs!



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