Mother and Daughter Outfits

  • At first, I will introduce you a pair of mother and daughter, Sue Evans,46, and Imani, 23.
Sue got divorced and had lost her confidence. Her daughter, Imani, was very sad to see her like that. In order to glad her mother, Imani chosen clothes for her. Gradually, they dressed exactly the same every day.
Imani stepped in and helped Sue on track. Suddenly Sue became a stylish woman who felt half her age and happier than ever.
Eventually, Sue dated more blokes even than Imani.
Imani said they are going to have a double wedding together.

The above picture shows that they are not only dressing the same but also use alike lipstick. Did you notice their hair style? I promise they also use similar hair bundles. Their hair is very smooth and shiny, I guess they were using Virgin Brazilian hair , Indian hair or Malaysian weave. Because both bundles are extremely luxurious and very soft with a lot of body and natural shine.

  • If your daughter still in a young age, your also can dress mother and daughter outfits.
Image that a glam and charming mammy hands in hand with her adorable daughter, how many admiringly eyes they caught.
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