The most Creative Halloween pumpkin-craving

Halloween is near soon, have you prepared the craving pumpkin? Here are some creative easy-to-crave pumpkin ideas, including owls, monsters and machines.

# 1 As you can see in below, this idea is to insert white pumpkins into orange pumpkins. First of all, you should prepare four pumpkins, two are bigger and in orange, another two are smaller and in white. Hollow out orange pumpkins and then carve lashes. To the white pumpkins, paint with green paint, when dry, paint the eyeball in black paint. The last is to draw blood vessels around iris with red marker.

# 2 If you want to create this pumpkin, you should prepare three or four butternut squash. Hollow out inside of mouth only and carve upside-down heart for nose. Find some sweet potatoes for the eyes decoration. You can use two black beans instead the eyeballs.

# 3 This is the simplest craving pumpkin. Crave mouth shape first, then stick toothpicks into top and bottom to create teeth. Use graver to shape for eyebrows. For eyes, slice off bottom of 2 small gourds; attach with toothpicks.

# 4 In order to crave this Mr. Robot, you should find various shapes of pumpkins, such as oval and smaller. The last you need is a sharp graver. This is very simple patterns, just crave it as the picture is ok.

# 5 You dont need to use graver in this pumpkin idea. It is more safer than using knife and you will cut down on mess. Before painting, clean the pumpkin for easier paint. Apply washable cartoon character to pumpkin in your desired design.

# 6 Without complicated craving, but you should pay more attention to the hair and hat. Centered the stem where the nose should sit, and the last step is carving.

What are you waiting for, Halloween is coming, get these craving ideas and have a spooky day.



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