4 Fancy Braid Hairstyles

All-Match Hairdo----Braids
Sometimes, you must be cranky with your hair look.
Ponytail? NO! I just wore it yesterday.
Let it drop naturally? That too dull and boring.
I know your dilemma. Once upon a time, I was very confuse in my hair look until I mastered these braids. Yes! Braids are all-match hairdo in different occasion. Braids are great for work, for formal evening party, for casual weekends, or even for sport event. What are you waiting for? Check out my article and try to braid your hair.
NO.1 Long Braid 
If you own long and thick hair, you can try this hairdo. Look, it start at the roots and cascade down the side of your head. To achieve this hair look, you should pull your hair little-by-little and make your hair appear fuller. Booby pins is nor requested, spritzing tons of hairspray is okay.

NO.2  Braided Twist on The Sock Bun
You should braid one side of your hair, and then the other. Next is to pull all of the hair back in to a sock bun. The last step is to pull a braided strand around the bun. For a novice, it is a difficult hairdo. But once you master it, you will find there are so many versatile looks associated with it.

NO.3 Crown Braid
This is a fancy crown braid. If you want to wear this hair look, you should crimp your hair from roots to ends firstly. And then braided your top hair slowly and make your way down and around.

NO.4 Snaked Braid
If you want a bold look, you can try this snake braid. This hairdo can be styled from the top all the way to the bottom of the head.

Some of these braids is elaborate and sophisticated, but the payoff will be worth your efforts. The hair of above picture is real, but if you are not blessed with gorgeous hair like these girls, dont be shame, wearing hair extensions is not a bad choice. Even famous celebrities are putting on hair bundles, why dont you have a try. There are many hair bundles available in the market, such as Brazilian hair bundles, Peruvian hair extension and Malaysian weave. You must can choose the most suitable texture for your hair from this products. What are you waiting for? Just have a try!



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