The Latest Hairstyle----Glow-in-The-Dark Hair

In a very long time, I think the most fashionable hair style is galaxy hair. But when I saw a girl wear a super amazing hair that glow in the dark, I know I was wrong.

Now, the latest hairstyle is glow-in-the-dark hair. But I strongly oppose we girls color our own hair like this. I dont know the composition of glow-in hair dye, I just know hair dye will surely damage our hair no matter the quality how good it is. There are many glow-in hair gel in the current market, so we can use it to achieve these amazing hairstyle temporarily. As for me, I will not apply any gel on my real hair. So, how would I do? The answer is using hair weave. Virgin Brazilian hair , Indian hair and Malaysian weave are all in 100% virgin hair that glow-in hair gel will work well on it.



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