The Most Creative Black Woman Street Fashion

When it comes to street fashion, you might think of western girls who has blonde hair and white skin. But today, I want to tall about African American street fashion. A sharp contrast to the minimalist and muted styles of the west, African style is eclectic, bold, vibrant and colorful. Now I want to show you some black woman fashion shots.
# 1 Who said you cant be sexy in Fall? Paired red jacket with ripped jeans, thats fashion and eye-caching. Wavy hair and high heels are the symbol of sexy ladies. When it comes to wavy hair, how can I dont mention Peruvian hair bundles. Many famous models or celebrities prefer this hair type because of its soft texture.

# 2 Don’t dress too much color clothes on your body. Three color is the maximum limit. With more than three colors, it is easy to bewilder people. Long red rash guards, a pair of blue culottes, little white shirt, and other small accessories. Short hair makes you look even more special.

# 3 Middle length of skirt and collar T shirt, this suit is full of feminine look. Using Indian hair to make a suitable wig, and wearing a pair of hoop earrings. This small details on dress can add a hint of glamour to any look.

# 4 Office Lady Style
As an office lady, choosing simple style will be better. The lower part of body with colorful pants, the upper part of body should be with simple white shirt. To you head, fluffy curly hair is also nice. Virgin Brazilian hair holds curls very well and tends to hold curls longer.

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