9 Flattering Bob Straight Hairstyles For Afro Girls

A haircut that is short is cute and easy to manage, especially for straight hair. Some girls may think that straight hair is dull and nothing worth to try. If you do hold this opinion, you will found you are wrong after seeing this 4 flattering straight hair.
# 1 Natural Black

# 2 Black To Green Ombre

# 3 Layered Bob

# 4 Side Part Purple Bob

# 5 Violet

# 7 Layered Natural Black 

# 8 Black To Blue Layered Ombre Haircut

# 9 Black To Gray

Indeed, simple straight hair is dull, but you can change it into different colors or add layers by using curling iron. Here are 9 different straight bob haircuts that you can mix and match to suit your facial features, style and personality. If you dont want to damage your real hair by coloring or ironing, you have better to choose a wig or make a wig with hair bundles. In this way, you can experiment different hair looks without any breakage of your own hair.virgin Brazilian hair, Indian hair and Malaysian weave are the most popular hair weaves even in Hollywood female stars.
Sometimes, they have to change their hair colors or texture according to the story, and hair weaves help them a lot.



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