Should I Bleach My Hair When It Isn’t In Best Condition?

There was a girl asking me that should her bleach her hair for an important appointment when her hair is in a bad condition? She havent decide yet because of the shedding of hair.
I have two ideas for this girl.
# 1 Apply Coconut Oil On Hair Before Lighting
If you do have to bleach your hair, try to minimize the damage of hair. Many women said that they got a great result by applying coconut oil a few hour ago before lighting. Coconut oils are the your best friend when bleaching. Someone once told me the hair that hadnt been washed for several days would do much better than clean hair. This would help you bleach the hair with a minimum of damage.

# 2 Use Hair Extension To Achieve Ideal Look
When your hair is in a poor condition, I will not recommend you to do any bleach. If you do have to, try to follow my first advise! There is another method to achieve your desire look which is no damage and no chemical treatment. Wearing hair weave is a quick and healthy way to experiment different hairstyles at any time. Indian hair, Brazilian hair bundles, Malaysian weave...options are various. Therefore, dont do any bleach on your breakage hair, here is another option for you.

Applying coconut oil on the hair is a way to minimize breakage but it cant avoid. Even you hair is healthy and in a good condition, bleach process will cause damage of your hair.



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