5 Crazy Things You Never Know About Your Hair

How much you know about your hair? If you said you know everything of your hair, I dont believe that. You may know how to style your hair, whether dye it to other colors, bangs or not, or updo style or braid. I swear there are many crazy things that you rarely give a second thought.

# 1 When you plucked a hair from your follicle, a new on will begin to grow

# 2 All hair that you can touch and see is dead, only the hair that inside your scalp.

# 3 Every single strand has it bouncy. When washing the hair, you can pull a hair with your two hands and see how bouncy there are.

# 4 In general, a healthy strand of hair will stretch an additional 30% of its original length.

# 5 Average lifetime of a single hair is about 5 years.

Get more knowledge of hair? The second one shocks me a lot! How can I believe all my hair that I can touch is dead, but anyway it is true. Share me, if you know any crazy things about hair!



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