How To Manage Curly Hair?

I have thick and full curly hair and I love it very much. But when the weather gets cold, my hair is easy to frizz and tangle. Sometimes, my hair condition is very horrible. Fortunately, I have learned how to manage my curly hair and it is very soft and smooth even in cold winter. Now, I would like to share you my tips and you may get some ideas from my experience.

# 1 Choosing Good Quality Virgin Hair Bundles
In fact, I was not a women who was not so luck enough to have beautiful hair, thus I was willing to wear hair weave to enhance my beauty. I have experimented virgin Brazilian hair, Indian hair and Peruvian Hair Bundles. They all are my love, but my favorite is FH 8A virgin Brazilian hair. Its texture is extremely soft and I feel it was the same as my real hair.

# 2 Using Gentle Shampoo
In the past, I dont use any shampoo to wash my hair weave, but it is not recommended. The pollution in the air will soil our hair and it is easy to lead frizzy. My suggestion is to use gentle shampoo that can even be used daily if needed.

# 3 Massaging The Scalp
After washing, I will apply a quarter size of conditioner through the ends of my hair, but not into the scalp.

# 4 Using Wide Tooth Comb And Silk Scarf
I will comb my curly hair every night before sleeping and wrap all my hair with silk scarf. In this way, my hair will stay in good condition next morning.

In order to keep your curls soft and smooth, you should pay more time and attention on daily routine.



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