4 Beautiful Braids

4 Beautiful Braids
As a girl, you must want to wear different hairstyles everyday. But sometimes you just have no idea in mind. Now, I will show you some beautiful braids for you and you can read my article to get some inspiration.
Flowing Waterfall
If you are not a novice, you can try this hairstyle because it is really fast to create. But the hard is  just getting the tension right, and that takes practice. To let your hair look like a rope or string, you should loose strands 1 and 4 while keep strands 2 and 3 tight.

Two-Strand Braided Headband
This hairstyle only request two strands and some height and even a novice can master it. As I known, messy hair is well-loved by todays young women, so it is worth to try this hairdo. To keep your hair in place, you must use tons of booby pins.

Crown Braid
Do you know crown braids are the cutest hairdo in many peoples impression. You can wear it for a evening party or just a normal day. You can add a four strand in the mix just to take it over the top.

Four Strand Braid
You should create a loose side ponytail at first, and ten separate out hair for the pony wrap,make a simple thin accent braid, and actually complete a braid out of four strands. This hair style is not very complicated. After practicing, I believe you will master quickly.

Some of these braids is elaborate and sophisticated, but the payoff will be worth your efforts. The hair of above picture is real, but if you are not blessed with gorgeous hair like these girls, dont be shame, wearing hair extensions is not a bad choice. Even famous celebrities are putting on hair bundles, why dont you have a try. There are many hair bundles available in the market, such as Brazilian hair bundles, Peruvian hair extension and Malaysian weave. You must can choose the most suitable texture for your hair from this products. What are you waiting for? Just have a try!



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