To Achieve Katie Holmes’ Hair Look

As an American actress, model, and filmmaker, Katie Holmes achieved her first fame for her role as Joey Potter on The WB television teen drama Dawson's Creek from 1998 to 2003. In today post, I want to show you some Katies hairstyles and tell you how to style it. Just check out my passage and get inspirited.

STYLE # 1 Side Part Straight Hair
Katie just let her hair drop casual. Look at her straight hair, it is soft and lustrous but too thin.

By wearing Indian hair, you also can achieve this hair look. If you want your hair looks thicker and your head is not too big, 3 bundles will surely enough.

STYLE # 2 Loose Weave
In this time, Katie wears her hair wavy and brown hair match her skin well. If you are in the same skin color with Katie, this style can be your primary choice.

When it comes to wavy hair, how can I not mention Malaysian weave. Its texture is very silky that you will look natural just like Katie when installing this hair bundles.

STYLE # 3 Long Messy Straight Hair
Unlike the style 1, this straight hair look is not completely straight. I thought Katie might spritz many hairspray to achieve this messy straight hairstyle. 

If you dont have soft and gorgeous hair like Katie but want to wear straight messy hair look, you had better choose the high quality hair bundles. Peruvian hair bundles are obtained from single donor and guarantee 100% human hair. You can style any hair looks by using Peruvian hair.

Because of the thin hair, Katie do like to wear hair extensions to get ideal look. And what about you? Nobody is perfect, why not take some efforts to make yourself looked more beautiful?



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