4 Super Sweet Hairdo for Girls----Half Up Half Down

Sometime, you just cant decide which hairstyle you should wear, updo or downdo? In this case, I will suggest you pay attention to the variety of different half up half sown hairdos. It is a good idea to get the best of both worlds. Now, check out my article and get some useful indispositions for your hair style.
NO.1 Beautiful Cascade Down with Fabulous Crown
Do you know which hair styles is the gorgeous one from any angle of view? Look the picture below. The lift at the roots makes any face more attractive, thanks to the sleek sides your profile is becoming more refined, and the flows of curls at the back literally mesmerize! This is really the best way to present the long curls that to gather them on the crown and let them gracefully cascade down.

NO.2 Braid Crown and Cascade Waves
This style is stunning both coming and going and ranks among the most detailed half up sweet looks on ours list. The braids start at the crown, end at the back of the head and fall into a delicate cascade of curls and waves. What a lovely look!

NO.3 Rose Half Up
From the front, his style is just your average, polished coif. From the back, the textured bun packs a slight punch. Em...how to achieve this hair look? You should create a small ponytail with the top layer of your hair, twist the end, wrap loosely and secure the twisted tail in place. Wear this hairstyle, you will impress other with cute and sweet image.

NO.4 Sweetest Flower Insert in Hair
You might think this hairstyle similar with pony, but it looks more sophisticated. The headband braid and intersecting locks at the nape, you are requested to spend time to copy this hairdo.

Do you want to try these sweet half up half down hairdo? Come on! Just do it! If your hair is too thin or too short, choose some hair extensions! Good quality hair extensions will surely make your style last long. Indian hair, Brazilian hair bundles and Malaysian weave are all obtained from single donor which guaranteed 100% virgin human hair. What are you waiting for? Choosing the most suitable one to style your sweet look!



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