3 Pretty Hairstyles For Christmas Holiday

Christmas is coming soon, new hopes in the new years, so do you have any ideas of your hairstyles. In this long holiday, we will surely hang out with friends. Without a cool and cute hair look, that’s not funny. There are many hairstyles can be chosen from, such as ponytails, wavy hair, straight hair or curls, which one well work best for you? Check out this post and you will know how to choosing the right hairstyle according to your face shape.
# 1 Medium-Length Hairstyle
Just create a centre-parting and no fringe, this look is suitable for square face shape. Ombre is still very popular and fashionable in 2017, you can achieve this style by using Malaysian weave ombre hair.

# 2 Cute Curly Hair
Any kinds of face shapes can wear thickness curly hair. You can part your hair middle, and lets your curls softly frame your face, just like singer Kelly Rowland. If you have such gorgeous curly hair, that’s so lucky. Another way to wear curls is to use Indian kinky curly hair extension because it is lustrous and soft.
# 3 Long Straight Hairstyle
In fact, oval face shape girls can wear any hairstyles, but long straight hair is the most fabulous one. In order to achieve naturally straight hair look, you should choose high quality lace front. However, make sure that you wear it correctly – I have seen too many lace-front disasters caused by wearing the wig too low on the forehead. With Brazilian hair bundles and frontal, you have the ability to dye it into smoky-gray.

Wavy hair gives you a sexy look, curly hair is cool, and straight smoky-gray hair is rock! Choose one you like and style it in this holiday!



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