The Most Gorgeous Straight Hairstyles For Girls

For African American girls, it is hard to grow the long and beautiful straight hair. But straight hair is totally gorgeous if you know how to style. In current marketplace, there are lots of hair products, so it is not difficult to get straight hair extensions. Virgin hair is obtained from real human hair, thus it is naturally smooth and shiny then you can easily wear different styles. Which style can you wear? Check out this gallery and you will find some gorgeous styles for straight hair.

# 1 Middle Part Long Straight
This is a casual hairstyle but not out of date. You can create this look by using 3 bundles virgin Brazilian hair and 1 middle part lace closure.

# 2 Straight Bob
Many other think bob is cute but not lady. That is not true. Keep your bob in middle length and side part it. Look, this is also a sexy hair style.

# 3 Gray Bob
Natural color is naturally while gray bob enhances the personality. You can achieve this style by coloring Peruvian hair bundles or just choosing Brazilian remy gray hair.

# 4 High Ponytail
If you want to wear a high ponytail, you had better purchase a 360 lace frontal. With 360 front, you can wear ponytail without any worry.

# 5 Ponytail With Cute Baby Hair
360 lace frontal is needed, but you should choose the frontal that around with baby hair.

# 6 Cute Bun
Hair is natural and hair line is also natural. With Indian hair, you have the ability to achieve this look.  

# 7 Messy Bun
Before styling, you should use a lot of hairspray to wet the hair slightly then comb it in the other direction until the hair is messy. In the styling process, use your fingers as the comb.

Your life is various and your hair styles can be various too. In order to achieve this goal, long and beautiful hair is essential. Virgin Brazilian hair, Indian hair and Peruvian hair bundles can become your option to get gorgeous style.



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