Fashion Girl Tells You How To Style Yourself

We all want to be fashion and catch peoples eyes. But fashion is changeable and not easy to definite. So how can we be fashion and cool? This is really a quite challenge problem.
In today post, I would like to introduce you a professional makeup artist and hair stylist who became well known on her Instagram account. She is very beautiful and charming, check out her post and we will get more fashion trends.
Y1 Thickness blonde hair with cut hat. She will wear this hat everywhere, especially when she is having a bad hair day.

Y2 Extremely eye catching red and a pair of exaggerated glasses.

Y3 Cool boyish haircut!

Y4 Beautiful purple hair dye!

Y5 Having fun by cosplaying catty style.

Y6 Cute bang right at eyebrow.

Y7 Black queen style.

Y8 High bun hairstyle.

After seeing fashion girl, Brittanie Evans’ pictures, you will know that fashion is not such a big difficult. Gorgeous hair texture and nice makeup both make you be pretty and fashion.



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