How To Treat Virgin Hair Bundles?

We all want our weave last longer, but how to make it last longer? This is really a challenge for many weave wearers. Here are 3 tips from me and my friends of how to treat virgin hair weave.
# 1 Indian Straight Hair
Straight hair is easy to manageable. I wash my Indian hair twice a week and condition it once a week. My key to last my virgin Indian hair long is to wrap it every night with silky scarf when sleeping, so it will not easy to tangle or dull.

Loved to wear wavy hair. This Peruvian hair bundles hold bouncy very nice and cute. So I will put more attention on how to keep the bouncy style. I will use hair elasticity to keep and hold the bounces.

Compared with straight hair, curly weave are easier to tangle, so I have to comb it every day. I always use my fingers as a comb for my virgin Brazilian hair first, then comb with wide teeth comb. In this way, my hair is not easy to shed.

Treating your weave more careful, then the life of them is longer.



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